“FINEDIGITAL Inc. provides the finest products and solutions in the automotive IT area.”

As a leading provider of innovative car electronics systems since 1992, Finedigital has gained a strong foothold in Korea. Developing automotive devices such as dashboard cameras and GPS navigation, Finedigital's trademark - FineVu has also attained significant recognition in the industry. Finedigital is committed to improving customer's satisfaction by bringing market-proven high performance and quality through enhancing innovations.

Today, we move forward to go beyond Korea in providing our products and services, and become a global expert in automotive electronics industry.

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FINEVu Dashcam

From high quality recording to assisting driver’s safety and convenience.

FINEVu have led the drive recorder market since 2010 with market first Full HD model.

Consistently pursue high quality and countable recording technologies as well as effective ADAS solutions.


Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)
Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS)
Safe Driving Guide Function

Functional Quality

Clear Video Quality & High Frame Rate

Reliable Recording via CCR Dual Save Feature

Various Surveillance Functions
 (Motion Recording; Zoom Recording; Wide Dynamic Range)


High Temperature Resistance

Energy Saving Mode